Categories in our sounds

自然の音 海辺 Sea shore


The sound of the beach. Please be healed as if you were at the beach.
You will be healed as if you were at the beach.
The sounds of the sea in the harbor and the waves of the tropical sea make you feel like you are on a trip.

自然の音 キャンプ Camping


If you camp, you will hear various sounds.
The voice of birds, the sound of insects’ footsteps, the sound of bonfires, the sound of food….

自然の音 生活 Life


You can hear the sounds of festivals, fireworks, the noise of the dining room, and various lifestyles.
In many countries, you can hear children’s voices, various languages, and dialects.

自然の音 森 Forest


The sound of the babbling of a stream, the voice of a bird, and the twigs faint in the wind that you can hear in the forest.
You can hear various sounds.